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A CIMAL-Laval student delegation stops-over in London

From the Québec Government Office in London:

A CIMAL-Laval student delegation stops-over in London

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last Monday 26 January, the Québec Government Office in London received at the request of Université Laval, a student delegation from the university’s students association, CIMAL-Laval. The group are presently in the United-Kingdom to take part in an international university event. Staff at the Québec Government Office in London gave the delegates an overview of the mission and activities covered by the representation across its mandated territories and were able to exchange with the students on various issues.

 The CIMAL-Laval student delegation at the Québec Government Office in London

CIMAL-Laval is a student association that, every year, represents Université Laval in an international diplomatic competition. Its aim is to enhance the training and knowledge of future diplomats in an innovative context as well as helping CIMAL-Laval to maintain its reputation as a reliable source of information on developments within Middle-Eastern and North African regions. These competitions require participants to simulate international negotiations between the Arab League’s 22 member States.

On 30 January, CIMAL-Laval will take part in the University of Birmingham Model Arab League, the longest-running Europe-based conference of the Arab League run by the University of Birmingham United Nations Society. The Model Arab League (MAL) is an academic simulation of an International Diplomatic Organisation. The aim of doing such a simulation is to educate participants about civics, current events, effective communication, globalisation and multilateral diplomacy.

For the past eight years already, CIMAL-Laval has lent its support to the only Québec-Canadian delegation to have participated in consecutive official Arab League international simulations.